Franz Dutzler - The Master Trout Sculptor

The Trout Master
Franz Dutzler
Master Trout Sculptor

Native Wild Trout Sculptures - "Fresh From The Stream"

NEW!!! See Franz's Black Walnut Wood Sculptures. Combining the natural beauty of black walnut and the same exacting attention to detail, Franz has created a new natural medium for displaying wild trout, frogs and other animals in their natural habitat. The black walnut trout carvings not only capture the essence of the fish, but the natural wood grain shows through to provide a unique artistic expression. If you are a frog lover, and many people are, be sure to see the black walnut frog carvings. Franz's black walnut wood carvings capture not only the spirit of nature, but the beauty of one of the finest woods.

Franz Dutzler, award winning Austrian born Oregon fish sculptor, carves fish with a passion. He has become known for his exquisite scenes of fish. His attention to detail and the uncanny realism of each carved fish has become the unmistakable hallmark of his work. Franz's meticulously carved, native wild trout wood sculptures are so exacting that they look like when you first hold it in your hand, “Fresh from the Stream”.

If anyone has earned the title of “The Trout Master” Franz certainly has. He is a Master Trout Sculptor, Master Fly Fisherman and Master Fly Tier. Franz is an avid fly fisherman and carefully studies the wild fish he catches for shape, size and coloring, before returning them to the river alive. He makes meticulous drawings of the fish and translates them into wood with painstaking carving of both fish and fins. Oil paints are then layered and blended to create the illusion of iridescence in every silvery scale. Each painstaking step in the creative process is inspired by Franz's boundless reverence for the wild fish. Franz has studied fish on three continents and is dedicated to preserving the wild trout, both in the stream and in his wood carvings.

Franz captures every minute detail of the wild fish in his Trout wood carvings. From the fluid action of a jumping trout, to the coloration of each scale, to the illusion of a wild fish in its native habitat, you will be astounded at how life-like these sculptures are. These fish wood sculptures come alive in your home, office or gallery.

Custom Trout Sculptures and Carvings are available. Franz will custom carve your favorite fish of any type into a long lasting, beautiful work of art that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Are you an aspiring wood carver or an accomplished carver that wants to learn new wood carving techniques? Franz provides both group and private trout carving lessons and seminars. Learn firsthand from one of the most accomplished wood carvers in the country.

Take a tour of Franz's hand carved and hand painted trout sculptures.

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Franz Dutzler - The Master Trout Sculptor
Ogden, UT
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